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The average age of women diagnosed with DES-related clear-cell adenocarcinoma is 19 years. Although these risk factors increase the odds of developing cervical cancer, many women with these risks do not develop this disease.

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Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. On the impact of literacy level and CC awareness, a study on the knowledge of CC and HPV in three universities in northern Nigeria by Ilyasu et al, revealed that of the female students included in the survey only In women with HIV, a cervical pre-cancer might develop into an invasive cancer faster than it normally would.

Treatment application to cervical cancer investigation in Nigeria Table 3.

Phd Thesis On Cervical Cancer

However, there is limited information on the amount of funds allocated used by international agencies on these programmes and other associated costs for rendering these services. In our study, only However, despite the high incidence of CC prevalence and mortality, there is paucity of principal and ancillary prevention initiatives to mitigate the disease in Africa Adeleke et al.

This virus is transmitted sexually from one person to the other. Furthermore, an examination into the scope of the interventions by international aid agencies by the researcher revealed a cluster and duplication of roles in CC strategies which increases the propensity for intervention overlapping.

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Chlamydia infection Chlamydia is a relatively common kind of bacteria that can infect the reproductive system. This perception finds credence as Yakmut, notes with the Pfizer Trovafloxacin drug trial tragedy in Kano, northern Nigeria which killed and permanently disfigured individuals administered the drug[3].

Also, most of the screening services are opportunistic and often not continuous, while some are well established with centers located in urban areas. The most common type is squamous cell cancer.

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It appraises this by systematically investigating prior and existing national and local efforts on cervical cancer in Nigeria comparably with international interventions in order to recommend best policy options for effective intervention strategies to the Nigerian government.

Improvement be made in quality health care systems in terms of medical staff, screening machines and centers and the introduction of high risk vaccine for HPV serotype prevalent in Nigeria.

No one really knows why this is true. Tanzania Journal Health Research. HPV prevalence increases with multiple sexual partners and poor genital hygiene.

Verbal-informed consent was sought from the study subjects. However, while there exists a paucity of literature on the geographical distribution of HPV and CC in Nigeria based on poverty indices of the NBS, a recent study of three communities in north eastern Nigeria by Okereke et al.

Several factors have been identified in literature for the prevalence of poor screening of CC in Nigeria including: It is necessary to make the nursing staff aware about cervical cancer, who can impart knowledge regarding cervical cancer and its prevention to the general public.

This would also help to monitor whether it was simply the same people getting screened, or if the programme was succeeding in reaching new women. However, considering the fact that other serotypes are more prevalent it is imperative that intervention efforts should be directed at addressing this gap in the vaccine programme.

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More so, HPV vaccines for high risk HPVs need to be developed in the long term to further reduce the prevalence of other serotypes in Nigeria.

· cervical screening is an effective tool for cervical cancer prevention, very few women in Africa are screened.

With no access to quality prevention and detection services,  · A thesis submitted to. The University of Birmingham.

for the degree of. effectiveness of primary- and secondary-prevention programmes for cervical cancer. understanding of the natural history of early cervical HPV infection and its role in the acquisition of epithelial abnormalities of the cervix.

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In this thesis, a longitudinal study  · Cervical cancer is cancer that starts in a woman's cervix. The cervix is the opening of the uterus. It connects the vagina (or birth canal) to the uterus (womb).

Cervical cancer usually starts with changes to the cells on the cervix, called dysplasia. These abnormal cells can be removed to prevent Cervical cancer is the fourth most diagnosed cancer in women worldwide.

Approximately 90% of HPV infections clear up on their own within two years. More than 84% of cervical cancers are diagnosed in less developed nations.

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Thesis on cervical cancer
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Essay on cervical cancer